How to Place an Order

To Place an Order

To submit a purchase order, please provide the following information. You may submit your purchase order by email ( or by fax 902-794-1869, or by completing the on-line form below.

Please provide us with the following Project Details:
• Project Name
• Project Location (address, city and state)
• Name of Architectural Firm

Product Details (or Attach specification below):
• SOLERA® Type: (SOLERA®+ Aerogel – R18, R9, or R5; SOLERA® S, SOLERA® T, SOLERA® L)
• Unit Quantity & Exterior Glass Sizes (or attach take-off document below)
• Glass Thickness (i.e. 6mm, 8mm)
• Heat Treatment of Glass (i.e. annealed, heat strengthened, tempered).
• Glass Tint i.e. Grey, Bronze etc.
• Lami Glass PVB thickness (i.e. .030, .060, etc.)

You will receive an order confirmation within 48 business hours.

To Place an Order

Please use this form to detail your project and submit your project's specifications.
  • Please submit your project details here.
  • Please supply the details for your project, including Project Name, Project Location, material required date, General Contractor, Name of Architectural Firm, and the name of the architect. You can also specify this information in the attachments above.