Ordering Samples

We as a company are happy to provide samples of our products to our clients. We feel samples offer the tactile and visual representation to make decisions that a written report sometimes can’t provide.

The steps to request a sample are a simple 1, 2, 3 process.

1) Contact your local area representative. Representatives are listed on our website at www.advancedglazings.com or you can contact our head office at Advanced Glazings, Ltd., 902-794-2899, or samples@advancedglazings.com

2) Provide us with your glass make up. If you are looking for a standard sample, then you need only ask. Specialized samples will require a glass make up and a vlt %. Your local rep can assist with the vlt recommendation with a variety of methods such as a specification review or a radiance model.

3) We always find it helpful to be as informed as possible, so if you have a specification, we can use that to ensure you get the sample you need.