Our Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental Statement & Policy

Advanced Glazings Ltd was founded with the vision of creating products which would further the contribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency towards creating a sustainable future. In achieving this vision, while at the same time minimizing the consumption of non-sustainable energy sources, Advanced Glazings Ltd. will make a net positive impact on the environment.

It is the policy of Advanced Glazings Ltd. to pursue our business in a manner that achieves economic objectives while simultaneously addressing environmental goals and to go beyond the current standards for environmental conduct by creating products that have a net positive impact on the environment. This requires that we conduct our operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and perform our functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of our customers, employees and neighbors.


• Make products that have a positive impact on the environment by reducing or displacing the use of conventional energy.
• Make products that have a positive impact on human wellness and productivity
• Ensure that products are made and handled, in an environmentally sound manner.
• Facilitate the re-use and recycling of used product.
• Minimize the generation of waste.
• Maximize use of safe and sustainable sources of raw materials and energy.
• Utilize processes, which minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy and utilize renewable energy sources, when possible.
• Provide employee training and education in issues affecting the environment and employee health & safety.

Carrying out Policy

This environmental statement & policy is fundamental to Advanced Glazings Ltd.’s vision. All employees are obligated to know and follow this Policy. Advanced Glazings Ltd.s’ executive and management will support all efforts to achieve the goals of this policy.