SOLERA ® Product Overview

SOLERA ® is designed to deliver superior daylighted spaces and a range of thermal insulation. Our product lines are engineered to be highly configurable, allowing control of:

– light diffusion and transmittance
– control of solar gain
– thermal insulation

– sound transmittance
– aesthetics
– safety

SOLERA ® is designed to fit into Standard Framing Systems including Curtain wall, Standard 90° Corner and flush glazing systems, which makes it ideal for new construction and renovations. SOLERA® is designed to be UV stable and has a warranty against color shift.

The fundamental components of SOLERA® units are:

Available choices include (but are not limited to) color of glass,
composition (Heat Strengthened, Tempered, Laminated) and thickness.



Glass Light Diffusing VeilsGlass Light Diffusing Veils
Various combinations of veil choices provide control of diffusion,
visual light transmittance and solar gain.



Transparent InsolCore® (available on SOLERA® S and SOLERA® T)Transparent InsolCore® (available on SOLERA® S and SOLERA® T)
Provides an R5 (U Value of 0.2 Btu/hr·ft2·°F) thermal insulation and has a
97% Visual Light Transmittance.



SOLERA® + Lumira® aerogel is a daylighting strategy that dramaticallySOLERA® + Aerogel is a daylighting strategy that dramatically
improves thermal performance making an extraordinary product even better.
The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems virtually eliminates the historical trade-off of insulation vs. natural light by providing 3 to 6 times the thermal performance.  What is aerogel?