Advanced Glazings Ltd. - HomeBrookland Elementary School download
“Some teachers just keep the lights off so we can save energy and improve the light quality. The kids are even asking the teachers to turn the lights off.” See how SOLERA® performed in a new K-6 school.


Case_SydneyAcademy_CoverSydney Academy Retrofit download
“An energy analysis of the building showed that SOLERA® had the potential to reduce energy costs by approximately 40%.” See how SOLERA® replaced aging glass block in a high school retrofit.


case_Cirque_CoverÉcole Nationale De Cirque download
Key to the project’s success was the counter- intuitive use of glass on a very large scale. Glass would put the students on show, a vital preparation for their careers before audiences. Glass would unite the school with the rest of the City of Circus Arts. Glass would also provide daylight, in support of sustainability. In order to do this, the obvious issues of dangerous glare and costly heat loss had to be overcome.”

Case_Kirkwood_CoverKirkwood College Recreation Center download
Mid-west schools take their athletics seriously. Kirkwood Community College is no exception, with their varsity basketball and volleyball teams winning four national titles over the past decade. The former recreational facility was dark and underused and the project architect, Dave Zahradnik of Neumann Monson, was challenged with finding a design that would “make people want to be there. We envisioned a facility that felt light, airy and as pleasant as possible.  Installing SOLERA® in clerestory dramatically cuts back glare, converting it to soft, well-distributed diffused daylight.”

Case_Hawkesbury_Cover_croppedPort Hawkesbury Civic Centre download
Every fast-growing small town wants a landmark building…some type of central and highly visible structure that defines its regional position, prosperity and hopes for the future. In 2004, the town of Port Hawkesbury had reached that “coming of age.” “The quality of natural light which diffused throughout the space was spectacular!” enthuses Ojolick, “From the time the SOLERA® panels were installed at mid-winter close-in of the building, until the opening of the facility, lighting levels exceeded our expectations.”

Centre E. & P. Sénéchal CenterCentre E. & P. Sénéchal Center download
Who said both form and function cannot be accomplished on a tight budget? Monica Adair said, “To have a beautiful building that functions well can be very expensive, but SOLERA® is affordable and there can be no better value in terms of aesthetics and performance. Advanced Glazings proved to be more than just a product manufacturer, but also a daylighting design partner.”