Solera® T-R9+Aerogel

For climates that may not require the performance of our R18 product, we offer an alternative, SOLERA® T-R9+Aerogel. At a nominal thickness of 1.75”, SOLERA® +  Aerogel R9, provides a significant thermal performance and sound transmittance, while maximizing your daylighting opportunities.  What is aerogel?

Suitable for:

Curtain Wall

SOLERA® T-R9+Aerogel

Nominal Thickness
1.75” (44.45mm)*
Visual Light Transmittance (VLT)
9% – 40%*
Shading Coefficient
0.10 – 0.44*
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
0.09 – 0.37*
0.11 Btu/hr•ft2•°F**
U-Value (SI Units)
0.61 W/m2•K**
Sound Transmittance Class (STC)
may exceed 52

*Subject to glass and veil combination.
** Center of Glass (CoG) Values.
Maximum Sizes 5′ x 12′ (1,524 mm x 3,658 mm)